Company Profile

  Mey was established in 2002, specializing in the production of stainless steel membrane housings, filters and membranes.Now we have a professional research team overs 20 years including 100 employees. And we have stainless steel manufacturing base and membrane manufacturing base, a total area of 17000 square meters; Stainless steel manufacturing base include membrane housing production line, filter housing production line and finished processing workshop.Our 95% membrane housing series and filter housing series are used for exporting, and the main markets are developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan.. we have an automatic membrane production line with an annual output of 3 million square meters. We can independently develop and produce all kinds of membrane series productions. In 2014, we established a marketing center in Binjiang,Hangzhou.

Now our company is divided into three business parts: special separation industry,water treatment industry and filtration industry 

Ⅰ、special separation industry, please click:

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Spiral Membrane                                  Plate Sheet                      System


Ⅱ、Water treatment Industry, please click

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Low Pressure Decolorizing           Superhigh Pressure                  Sanitary Water Membrane 

   Spiral UF Membrane                   DT/ST Membrane                     And Membrane Housing

Ⅲ、Filtration industry, please click:


 Cartridge Filter Housings、Bag Filter Housings…