In 2002  MEY was found in 2002,mainly production of SS membrane housings and fliters

In 2003  MEY started the export business to Japan、USA and Europe.

In 2006  Cooperated with a well-known pharmaceutical company to R&D membrane systems.

In 2007  Cooperated with HWPT for gold-mining wastewater in Peru.

In 2008  MEY got certified by ASME 、CE and 3A.

In 2009  MEY become the qualified supplier of GE, Siemens, Veolia.

In 2010  MEY began develop the membrane materials and spiral element.

In 2011  MEY imported a full set of membrane production line from USA.

In 2013  The membrane production line was finished and produce membrane.

In 2014  The R&D was in water&wastewater and filtration & separation application technology.

In 2016  Cooperated with Shanghai Advance Research Institute to develop new membrane materials and application technology.