High Temperature Membrane




1. Operation continuously with temperature at 85℃.

2. All spiral membrane elements can be made into 

    high temperature membrane.

3. Due to temperature rises, pressure decreases,

    flux increases, rejection decreases.

Due to temperature rises, pressure, rejection, flux and drop pressure will be changed. The relationship between temperature, pressure, rejection, flux and drop pressure as below:

1)The relationship between temperature and pressure                           


Relationship between membrane element operating pressure 

and temperature as shown in the right form: it can help 

customers to determine the maximum application conditions 

of high temperature membrane element

2)The relationship between temperature and rejection                             


Due to temperature rises, membrane rejection decreases.

For example Nacl, as shown in the right form.


3)The relationship between temperature and flux

Due to temperature rises, membrane flux  increases. 

Temperature rises 1℃, flux increase 3%.